Guardians of Evolution is an Entropia Universe society with a dedicated focus on Monria and the evolution of its community through its initiative programs, as well as extended activities

Our commitments are, but not limited to:

  • welcoming new, existing and visiting players by sharing Monria-created tools that help players learn more about Monria, but also make things more accessible, as well as assisting where needed to help players find Monria destinations and other requests

  • supporting the progressive growth of the Monrian Born population through guiding and teaching the most effective ways of navigating their experiences, while also promoting a sense of community by way of Monria chat, which is a good place to ask questions

  • supporting any and all efforts put forth by the Monria Management Team that expands community activities through development, events and other initiatives

  • be representatives and ambassadors on Monria and across the universe promoting potential and possibilities through engagement and interaction that elevates the fun factor

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