Society Rules

Guardians of Evolution is managed by the Society Council whose decisions are final.


  • Potential society members will be approved and accepted based on whether they are a fit with our goals and mission statement.
  • Society membership is not exclusive to Monrian Born, and Monrian Born are not automatically accepted as society members, they must go through the process of review and acceptance by the Council.
  • Society members should consider Monria their home and contribute their time as allowed toward achieving the goals of the society.
  • The Society Council may on occasion invite society members, or non-society members to act as Advisers.
  • Advisers have no vote in society matters, but their assistance may be asked for when the Council considers they have a need for a broader spectrum of opinions.
  • The Council has a lot of Entropia Universe experience and have contributed a lot of work toward this effort for the benefit of the society. If you have a grievance, you can take it private, but courtesy should be first and foremost.
  • Never steal, cheat, beg, scam, lie or otherwise harass other players within the society or elsewhere.
  • Avoid behaviors that could bring the society into disrepute — including, but not limited to: (1) criticism of society or society members in public, (2) spreading of malicious rumors, and (3) publishing or sharing internal society related information in forums and public or private chats unless you have permission from the Council.
  • Show respect to your society leaders (Council) even if you may disagree with them, it’s important to have constructive and civil discussion rather than rude arguments.
  • Piracy is not an acceptable activity on behalf of society members. There may be times when support is needed due to pirates attacking players at Monria’s Space Station, or the Yamato (Monria’s Mothership), but consult the society Council with intentions first.
  • Offensive language must be kept to a minimum in society chat, Discord channel, or any other society media channel
  • Excessive use of offensive or inappropriate language will not be tolerated.
  • Violation of MindArk’s Terms of Use, including but not limited to alternative accounts is prohibited. If caught, you will be removed from the society and reported to MindArk.
  • As a Monria focused society, all Monria rules and directives, including but not limited to the Monria Forum, in-world Monria chat channel, Monria programs and Monria events are to be considered by inheritance, and without exception, society rules.
  • Any breaches of these rules, or blatant misconduct should be reported to a Council member immediately.
  • It is then the Council’s responsibility to deal with any issues, along with any extenuating circumstances to reach an appropriate decision and resolution.
  • Any Council member can deal with a single issue on their own. In case of a serious matter, or the need for a quorum, the Council member may bring the matter to the Council for further discussion and resolution.
  • In case of a disagreement, any society member can bring the subject to the Council.
  • Every member has to unpin the election option in the society terminal. Failure to do so may end in dismissal without further warning.


  • In the event of a team or society hunt, any item valued at 50 ped or more should be split between the team members. If an item would reach 50 ped with markup, it should be placed on auction and the ped distributed once sold.
  • Items should be given to the team leader to distribute the peds.


  • Disciples of society members are elected to be a part of the society if they wish to join their Mentors. Society membership is only effective during the Discipleship period.
  • After graduation, membership will be reviewed and evaluated to see if the member will be an appropriate fit with the society according to goals and guidelines.


  • Treat everyone with decency and respect, and remember that our experiences are subjective, so we can’t have an expectation that everyone understand them as we do.
  • We all experience things in Entropia Universe, as well as real life, that can cause frustration, anger and sadness. We sometimes need to vent, and if a society member is comfortable doing so, then we should be supportive when appropriate.
  • In the event of a dispute with another society member (or possibly non-member) that you are unable to resolve amicably, we suggest you take it to the Council for arbitration and guidance.
  • Sometimes a third person can see things more clearly, and perhaps offer a different perspective that might help resolve issues that may seem impossible.
  • If you have any questions, or issues, the society Council is a good place to start.
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